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Every young man has to take out time to spend with his girlfriend, atleast once a week to show her that you care. For this reason the time you spend does not have to cost you a lot of money. I mean you can spend all of your check from your job if you want, and I’m sure it would be much appreciated, but you don’t have to.

Here are some really fun, cute, inexpensive dates you can have with your girlfriend:

1. Dinner & a Movie (boring)

It’s been done, you probably already do it if you don’t then it’s a cute alternative… otherwise try to think more creatively.

2. Subway sandwiches-Out in the Park (she may be trying to stay healthy)

Instead of doing the traditional: pack some food in a basket and head out to the park on a sunny afternoon. Try packing a variety of subs from subway and head out to your prettiest local park one evening. You could also bring an ipod player so you both can enjoy some romantic music. Now this does sound easier than it is because you’ll have to bring a blanket and some OFF- just in case the mosquitoes come lurking.

3.Cartoons and Junk Food (for that rainy night in Georgia)

Okay this one isn’t for every chick, but for certain ones this will be really fun. Get a few seasons of The Boondocks, Family Guy, or South Park, though explicit and often time racist and derogatory these cartoons are funny. While watching these shows pig out on a few of her favorite guilty pleasures maybe m&ms, Doritos, papa johns and just have fun. (be sure to have plenty of bottled water to offset all the sugar and salt)

At the end of the day, it’s all about thinking outside the box- have fun and be romantic! Do things that make you both happy.


Mens Grooming 101


This week I went to visit a friend at his house, and the image I saw while there, well, it’s still scarring my brain tissue.

So imagine this… I pull up to a nice apartment complex in a buckhead neighborhood, get out the car, glance over at my friend’s black on black dodge charger sitting on 22” inch rims which I like. I get to the door and I am met with happy salutations by this friend, and of course he looks nice as always. Fresh shape-up, sea-sick waves, he has on part of his ensemble… I believe it was some sort of unique ARMANI EXCHANGE or GUCCI top and jeans outfit. He says to me, “I have to finish getting dressed”, and just as he turns to go into the bed room I glanced down at his feet, and was highly disturbed at what I saw, long chipped toenails and ashy semi-crusty feet. I thought to myself, it should be a crime to put that much time into your clothes, but then have major grooming flaws underneath it all.

Being stylish, fashionable, wearing nice clothes are important, but it almost means nothing when the underneath isn’t matching. Just like women have their beauty routine men must have their grooming routine. By no means am I saying you should have five or six different specialty crèmes and spend as much time grooming yourself as a woman, but you should have a few key basics things that you do on a daily or weekly basis that will keep you a well groomed.

So this week will discuss four basic grooming routines that you should know about: hair, nail, skin, and teeth.

The first one we will talk about is hair. The hair routine for each man will greatly differ, depending on the hair texture and chosen hair style. Men depending on the type of hair you have you should wash it more than once a week. No one wants to go anywhere with someone who have dandruff or flakes. There are different types of medicated shampoos out to help with this problem, if you are not sure which kind will work for you ask a doctor.

Secondly men your nails, well there really isn’t too much to say here, but to just get in the routine of cutting your nails every week. It literally takes no more than 5 minutes to cut both your finger nails and toenails, so this can be easily fit into a Sunday morning, Monday evening, or even a Friday night before hitting the town.

Third is skin, which is such a broad topic to cover. There’s the face and the body and both areas need to be washed and moisturized. This means every man should have a cleanser and moisturizer for the face and soap/cleanser/wash and moisturizer for the body. The type of product you use depends on your skin type, and each person’s skin type varies of course.

Last but as important as the rest is your teeth there’s no big guideline to keeping your breath fresh. Brush twice a day or after every meal, floss atleast once a day, and use mouthwash (Crest 3D white) everyday. If your teeth are dull, stained, or just out right yellow use a whitening kit. Crest also has one for around 20 dollars and it works because I use it.



It’s getting close to the holiday season and now that you have a girlfriend you need extra cash for gifts? The first call you make is to your parents but they are helping with tuition for school and they say “NO”! Then you look to ask your buddies but they are just as low on funds as you are. Then your phone rings and it is your mother telling you that her and your father have been talking and it’s time for you to get a job. This week will discuss what appropriate attire for going on a job interview is whether it’s at the mall or in the corporate world.

Now it’s been a week and you have been out networking for a job and you landed two interviews, but they are in to different type of industries. One is at your favorite retail store Express for a sales position and the other is at the bank as a teller. They both are jobs relate with your degree but you have no idea what to wear to either.

The first interview is at Express one of the world largest retailer. For this interview you will need to dress more modern sleek, NO suits allowed. The reason is because the atmosphere of the store is a more laid back one. The music will be loud, the customer will be young and you want to show the interviewer that you fit this image. So what do you wear? I suggest you wear a nice button up shirt with a pair of jeans with no wholes in them and some canvas shoes. Notice I did not say “tennis shoes” because even though its in the mall you are still at work. You may also accessorize and wear a necklace and a watch if it goes with your outfit.

The second interview clothing will be different because you are interviewing for a job at the bank. This is more on the lines of a corporate job so nothing you whore to your Express interview will work. For this interview you would want to wear a suit. I know that you may say is that the only suit I have is a black one for church, and that fine. I will tell you what to due with this black suit to make it go from church boy to professional interviewing suit. The only thing you will need to do is change the tie. I have learned from my experience that interviewers will remember you if do something a little different and changing the tie is one inexpensive way of doing that. Yes, you may have on a black suit with a white shirt but you can change your tie to a silver or grey tie.

Lastly make sure to prepare yourself for the interview by doing research on the company. Good Luck!!!

Shopping on a Budget


Wow, it worked; I decided not to wear my pajamas to class today and the girl I have wanted to ask out said YES. Now we have a date on Friday and I have nothing to wear. I don’t want to be over dressed for dinner and a movie, but I can’t afford to break the bank on my outfit either. What should I do? I do know that I want to make a good first impression on my date with her. These are just a few of the question that may be running through your head right now. This week I will give you one place to shop on a fixed budget.

First lets start with the disappointing news that your roommates have no fashion advice for you and says its ok to wear flip flops, shorts, and a jersey, on your  date but it is going to be in the low 30’s this Friday night. Needless to say winter time has come upon us. So of to the mall you go.

First stop your favorite place Abercrombie & Fitch where when you walk in the store it is semi dark and then you are hit with this strong smelling fragrance, but through it all you still manage find someone there to help you pick out a sweater and jeans that total up to $210. Before leaving home remembering you set a budget and this was way over your budget you leave out without purchasing any of it.

What are you to do?

It is now Thursday and you have not found anything to wear. Do I call her and cancel or try one more place in the mall that I have never been in before. After class is out you drive to the mall in a hurry to get try some new places to shop, first Buckle then Express but still over budget.

Lastly you walk into a place called Heritage 1981 it looks hip enough for you but can you afford the clothes?

As you enter the store you hear the same music for the other stores, it’s bright enough for you to see and notice almost the same sweaters and jeans you saw every where else for half the price. You grab your items and head to the register to pay. The girl at the register says nice outfit as she rings up your purchase. She smiles and says I am sure you will look really nice in this outfit. Wow now that’s a deal! Not only did you spend half of what you budget for but you got a complement on what you pick out. You are well on your way to having a great first date with the girl of your dreams.

Your new retail shopping store becomes heritage 1981 while in college because they know college students like to look nice even though they are on a budget.


I decided to venture of the beating path of fashion forward clothing to talk about something that I think has become a problem with our image as young men and that is “Sagging pants”. Today men of all races, ages, and up bringing pants are sagging so far down that everyone can see the type of underwear they have on. Ever since we were young boys our parents and leaders in the community have told us to wear our pants at our waistline. So now why is it cool to have your underwear showing?

Do we as intelligent college men allow famous people such as rappers, rockers and actors dictate to us what is cool? When I was growing up being a part of an organization like the boy scouts and wearing neatly ironed uniforms was something all the boys wanted to do. Now it seems as if the further down your pants are the cooler you are. Yes, I know that times have change and we are in a new era, but do we really have to let go of some of our self respect. We as young men have to learn that everything we see on television shouldn’t be pulled into our personal lives. That is for ENTERTAINMENT only!!!

Let’s take a look at positive role models, for example the president, school teachers, and even the men that are enlisted in the army to serve for our country, none of these people wear their pants sagging down. You may say “well the president doesn’t count, he’s older and can’t relate to the younger generation”. That’s not at all true because he had one of the largest voting turnouts among young college students. Not to mention he also listens to all the types of music that we listen to from hip-hop, rap and even rock-n-roll. Professors of today are not old wrinkled up people any more they are young and vibrant career oriented people that like to have fun on the weekends just as we do and their pants don’t sag.

I know you are thinking, “but I am different, I am my own man”, and I totally agree with you. Individuality helps make each person unique and makes the world a better place, but do people really have to see your underclothes for you to be special? Just remember that we are the future and our appearance may not be everything to us but consider the generation after us.


I have an 8 am class and I have been studying all night, do I go with pajamas on and throw some water on my face or do I put an effort in my appearance? I know you may think that you are just going across the school campus but come on lets think about it. This week I will touch on 3 reasons why you should think about getting dressed.

1. The first reason you put on is clothes is cleanliness. When I walk to class in the morning and I see someone with their PJ’s on the first thing that comes to mind is, “Did they bathe this morning?” Then I say to myself, “Please don’t let this person sit by me,” and I have to get up and move. Just for the record, I am not the only person thinking like this either! Look at it this way, remember growing up and watching the carton Charlie Brown?  Do you remember his friend “Pig Pen” (the one with the dust cloud following him), if you don’t put any effort into your appearance, people could perceive that to be you. It may also be worth it to note that the entire time on the show, Pig Pen never had a girlfriend. Keep all this in mind when getting up and ready in the morning for class.

2. Appearance is something that is extremely important for first impressions because let’s face it, when you meet a person for the first time, they see you before you speak (unless you happen to have a big mouth).  What if you happen to leave your dorm and you see that young lady whom you have been waiting to speak to since the very first day of freshman year? Do you really think that she wants to talk to you with your pajamas on? I think not! Remember first impressions are lasting ones. I am not saying that you have to put on a full suit at 8 in the morning but a little effort is better than none at all. You never know who you may run into on such a busy campus.

3. Clothing is not simply for looking great either, some clothing actually serves the purpose of protecting our bodies: like shoes, for instance.  Here’s a prime example: before you get to class you may stop off in the Commons for breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day, and on the way you step on a nail or tack because you have not chosen to wear the proper foot wear. For this reason alone is it not safe and can make you miss time in class, and can be downright painful; and what if it’s a day of an important test, midterm, or final for the semester?

I know you are saying well what advice do you have to help get dressed in the morning after a long night of studying? Well lets start by taking out your clothes before you go to bed, which always work for me. Also check the weather to make sure your clothing is appropriate for the following morning. You can even shower the night before if you have to because every little bit helps. Don’t just get up and leave in your PJ’s because it convenient plan ahead college students, it’s not hard.

Until next time, and remember fashion is a state of mind!

Kevin’ Domain


Lets just jump right into the blog topic of this week ” can I wear white after Labor Day“? Well, you can wear whatever you please, but will the fashion police stop you? YES!!! Will your friends say something to you maybe not. Guys have a tendency to allow their friends to wear what they want to because we don’t “judge one another”. I am here to tell you if are in the mall or walking on campus and you pass by a nice looking lady and she giggles, it might be because of your all white outfit that you have on during the fall. Men, it is not OK to wear white jeans and a white t-shirt with flip flops.

Most people may ask why can’t I wear white after Labor Day?  Many people don’t know that this myth actually originated hundreds of years ago by members of the high class of society that instituted many different rules according to fashion to differentiate themselves from the lower class members of society.  Luckily, these “class rules” do not apply in today’s society.  The second reason for this “rule” is that white (and lighter colors) don’t absorb UV rays from the sun, therefore making them cooler; however, dark colors such as black absorb UV rays rather well, making them better to wear in the colder months of the fall and winter.  As society is moving towards becoming more “fashion-forward” and we begin to dispel these old myths, it has become okay to wear white after Labor Day as long as it is a “winter white”.  Some examples of winter white items to add to your wardrobe are white scarves, sweaters, or jackets/coats.

I know you might say “I am a college student and I do not have money to spend on a different outfit every time I leave the dorm room.” I can understand that as I am a college student as well. So what can I do since I can not wear my “summer white” items, such as white sandals or white jeans, because of the season? There are many different stores in the mall that have affordable clothing and helpful sales associates that will be more than willing to help you pick out something fashionable and “in-season” to wear. H&M is one of my favorite  afordable places to shop. They have a large variety of trendy and fashionable clothing for young men for half the price you would pay at other stores.

Until next time, and remember fashion is a state of mind!

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